Akira Awaken – reworking a masterpiece

Applying technological advances in animation to the dystopian classic

Akira is often rightly cited as something special, the dystopian view of the future crackling with a very human feeling story. The artwork itself is also incredible and adds to the experience in a way that only animation can. Famously Akira's creator Katsuhiro Otomo is someone wants to do something new with Akira then I am okay with that. It's on the website that has been made for the project and the website also features a narrated process of how each scene was made along with the creative decisions that they took. I found this mildly interesting as a regular guy with no 3D modelling experience but I guess that if you were a big in to this kind of animation it would probably be full of ooh and aah moments.

Everything is pretty much a like for like re-do but interestingly they struggle with the scene with the door so they crop in closer to make it a little easier. All in all this is a truly splendid effort and feels entirely worthy of the hype around the original. If was a billion playboy philanthropist then I would probably underwrite them to do it, but as I'm not we can all just be glad that fucking Zac Effron didn't get the lead role eh?