Carhartt book - it's always been there

Carhartt are always pretty on the ball when it comes to print - their magazine is a thing of wonder and huge budget and they regularly support releases with zines or print, usually alongside a tastefully curated event.

This time around they’ve taken a bit longer and embraced a kind of slow journalism; taking around three years to complete this book which examines the connection between Carhartt and youth culture.

Obviously everyone had that first Carhartt thing that they bought when they could afford to get stuff with their own money. Mine was a grey scuba hoody that made me look hench and was really warm. Anyway, back to the printed page.

The book takes us through some really great visual ideas from doodled images of kids on the tube, to actual kid’s love letters to Carhartt, stopping off with a nice interview with DJ Madam X. We get to see One Man chat to his barber and more over the course of 200 (!) pages.

Also, as a closing note, all the proceeds are going to Young Minds which is a charity that works with young people with mental health issues.

You can buy the book here.

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