cofepls interview - curated vintage

Fuck eBay. Fuck 20% in fees. It's a lot of money whether you're selling or buying to be going to a third party. Trying to find that grail at a good price is tricky, but there are sites where you can buy those rare treasures from past seasons that you missed out on first time or got excited about in hindsight. One of those is Cofepls, a one man operation putting a twist on flipping jawnz who sources hard to come by pieces for those in need.

Having to sift through all the shit is also annoying. Do you know what you get if you search Needles in eBay? Lots of needles. You don't get any fire Japanese garms and anyone who lists anything as Nepenthes knows exactly what's up with the price. We all want easy to find bargains. Whilst Vintage 2.0 might not be exactly that you do get presented with a nice set of curated products and a better shopping experience than sweating over auction sites or trying to workout the GBP/USD/JPY conversion rates.

Whilst Grailed is the most famous name on the street in terms of this purchasing model it's so large and not quite discerning enough that you still end up sifting through huge amounts of basic stuff or are waving goodbye to most of your paycheck for actual grails. Rather than a curation of a specific brand or time it's a more targeted marketplace. Grailed's blog/content stream Dry Clean Only is genuinely informative with things like profiles of The North Face or Nigel Cabourn mixed in with the typical latest drops from Yeezy and Supreme. But, and you can't escape the but, it feels somewhat more gainful to have found something on a smaller scale. It's like when you would stumble upon a store on holiday without the help of an algorithm to locate it.

There has been an upward trend in people creating their own webstores stocked with products that they personally are in to which feels way more interesting than just shopping a regular site or trawling through eBay. It adds to the story of where you found the piece from and because the pieces are really great, it usually means a bit more to you as the consumer. We slid in to Cofepls's DMs to find out how he got started and why it's important to create brand and shopping experience that people buy in to and from:

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