Devana launch collection

Dreaded Path boys have released the first products from their brand. Highly Rated. Very flames.

Devana is a branded launched by the guys behind Dreaded Path, one of the best and most slappingest Gorp Core/Outdoor Wear mood board curator pages on instagram. Both are well worth a check out but the focus of this page is the launch of Devana. The debut collection features a pullover, a graphic tee and a pair of shoes which is a refreshing range of pieces to start with. The shoes and pull over especially have us going 👀👀.

The pieces feature Halley Stevensons fabric which is sourced in Dundee which is just down the round from the boys' Aberdeen base. The shoes feautre this and vibram sole unit too which is very legit.

Next up is the t-shirt which is a heavier weight in 200 GSM cotton and screened in Scotland. Lastly is the mild weather pullover again in Halley Stevensons fabric; elastic cuffs and toggles at the waist to bring the closures in fast. The whole look book is below, check out the nice clothes and gorgeous north eastern Scottish coastline.

This debut is really impressive because it's not easy to get this off the ground and execute so well on your first try. Check out more at on their insta and the capsule launches on Friday 2nd July, exclusively in the U.K at