We're all only too familiar with Gosha Rubchinskiy but there are some other quality brands from a region of Europe often overlooked and at times troubled.

I have purposefully included this selection of brands to try to show that there is a range of trends going on; that the region is part of the zeitgeist and isn’t just nostalgic for terrace wear and football casuals. That is not to say that Casualism is not there or important, just check the number of C.P. Company and Stone Island tags on instagram for that, it’s just that there’s more to it than that.

The brands that are featured below will hopefully go some way to dissuade the common notion that Eastern Europe and its population are much more than part of the post Brexit debate and stag do destinations. We forget after all that whilst they might not quite be like us they do create some bloody great stuff. One successful Russian is ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ, or if you don’t read Cyrillic Gosha Rubchinskiy. He’s a bit too famous to make this list, had a few too many sports brand collaborations, but he’s worth checking out if you are somehow unfamiliar. It’s not all about Russia either, a state that so usually dominates any discussion much like the U.S. does, with the Ukranians and the Poles out in force.