Evan kinori

Tasty garms from California

Evan Kinori cuts the patterns for all the pieces in his San Francisco studio and puts the pieces together in deadstock Japanese fabrics. This is something which is very cool and it's sort of surprising to learn that he's used, and maybe still is, a pro skater. How refreshing that he's one the Jonal Ollsen route and not the lazy graphic t-shirt route.

The end product results in clothes that I can imagine Mick Jenkins wearing. I don't clock a lot of celebrity fashion things because I think that style is subjective and you should make your own decisions but Mick Jenkins either has a very good stylist or has an innate sense of style that impresses me when I check his instagram etc...

image from Evan Kinori shop page.

Sourcing deadstock fabrics and making locally touches on current nodes in the zeitgeist, the man himself is quoted as saying “There’s enough vintage clothing stores, and we don’t have to have more clothes in the world.” All in all a fair statement.

There is certainly a feeling in menswear and branding, a corner of the room, that is definitely putting these kind of ethical considerations if not front and centre then at least in the foreground somewhere.

Regardless of the ethical kudos, the clothes are beautiful in their simplicity and a classiness of vintage workwear that's updated for a modern life. Check the SS18 lookbook below and each product on the online store has photography as above; clearly photography is something the brand invests in and the results of the investment are beautiful.