goldwin x spiber ski jacket

Jacket nominated for design award

People always used to say that spider web was stronger than steel. It didn't bear an immediate comparison very well because you can remove one with a broom and the other they make bridges out of. That's never really what they meant though. It was all about using the fibre to make a material that was superlative, which is exactly what Spiber Inc. (see what they did there) have done. Now they've partnered with Goldwin, soon to be everyone's favourite ski company, to create a spider web jacket. That class room moment finally has a real world application.

Spiber make the thread not through an underground network of spider sweatshops but instead through a synthesising the thread via fermentation and spinning. Does that mean that they've recreated the inside of a spider through chemicals? I don't know. What I do know is that the results are an environmentally friendly fabric that isn't petroleum based. If you haven't watched it then you should check out if that made no sense to you. Tl;dr – micro fibres from petroleum based fabrics end up in our food chain. It's notable that the ski and surf clothing industries are the ones that are leading the fray in terms of environmental causes and motivation. They are the ones that are affected the most so that makes a lot of sense.

The jacket is currently in the Design of the Year award exhibition at the Design Museum in west London. Although only a prototype jacket and there are no solid plans to put it in to production this is a remarkable achievement and, at the end of the day, a fucking great looking ski jacket.