loutre aw20

One-offs, short run, upcycled fabrics and locally made.

I first got put on to Loutre from reading the Greater Goods journal interview with her, so thank you Jaimus for putting Pia & the brand on my radar.

Loutre is a brand that fits firmly in the current crop of newish brands that are sustainability by default rather than a gimmick. They use upcycled fabrics; curtains, biodegradable denim, natural rubbers and recycled cottons.

Taking it a step further than most they also have versatile sizing which means that certain products are made as one offs or only in one size. Founder Pia Schiele feeds in her personal taste which comes from skating, snowboarding and surfing. Pretty fucking rad overall then. Classic looks include oversized or wide leg pants, tailored shirts and one off jackets.

The big takeaway here I think is that bespoke, one off or very limited production garments that aren’t branded as limited edition are the new luxury. Why would you want to wear something with a monogram print when you can have a sustainably sourced one off piece from an underground name. More information on Loutre here, insta here and read the Greater Goods interview here.