malibu sandals: an interview, the new chukka and more

Technical huarache woven madness

Malibu Sandals have been around for a minute, having launched in SS16, and have hit the right notes with a very classy link up collection with Italian textile geniuses Missoni. What's made them such a hit is the uniqueness and wearability. If you've read the latest 032c and made it through the BIG FLAT NOW PICECE then this is a perfect example of mixing references and coming up with something new and fresh.

In this case that's the classic Huarache sandal, vegan credentials, decent technical rooting and an Italian fashion house. There's something about a classic huarache sandal that rides between the breaks of real shoe and holiday only shoe. Not that technical stuff does it for everyone but features like an anatomically correct footbed and raised bar for your toe to grip on make them comfortable. Then to tip it all off Malibu use water friendly materials and vegan leather. Which is fucking dope, start as you mean to go on, more power for being PETA certified.

Ultimately they're super aesthetically pleasing and are the vehicle that allows you to roll around with the socks and sandals look in the coolest way possible. We fired some questions to Kevin O'Neill, CEO and founder of Malibu Sandals and you can read his insightful answers below. They're well worth it.

502: As a Californian brand that supports the California Wildlife Center when was the last time you were in the great outdoors and what animals, if any, did you see?

KO: I like trekking around Malibu trails a few times a month and find myself roaming in nearby Sandstone Peak and Corral Canyon. Luckily, the only animals I've crossed paths with were countless lizards and bunny rabbits. I'm always prepared for a big cat ambush, should I ever encounter one, considering there are several mountain lions roaming around here in the Santa Monica Mountains.