sage nation

We spoke to Sage Toda-Nation of Sage Nation for issue two of 502 and to be sure he's a talent to watch. Mixing Japanese and English influences to create a collection that's light, airy and modern, there is a definite contemporary feel throughout. A lot of conisderation has clearly gone in to the amount of space between the wearer and the pieces. Wide fits are key, but no one is drowning in their clothes.

Mixing traditional combat uniforms, materials and design methods the pieces are full surprises and nice little touches such as the Hybrid Detachable Jacket which has a removable upper allowing the garment to be both a jacket and a vest. The Poncho can switch to be a weatherproof skirt. There are some great headwear pieces by the incomprable Delly Deacon also.

It's all just dead fucking nice.

Check the instagram for more info on releases.