A trip to the mountains of snowdonia and a review of Helinox's Chair One tie dye release.



Glyder Fawr

Glyder Fach

Is Snowdon really a mountain? I think so. It's like 1000 metres high so I'm pretty sure it is. Either way, we summited it slightly worse for wear and without any snacks having only hours previously assembled the slappingest ziplock bag of Gorp possible. Snackless and sweaty we managed to get up Watkin path, which was a lot of fun.

The Helinox Chair One was a highly rated bring-along, lightweight and packable in to a very small bag, it's also extremely comfortable in a way that something with such a low centre of gravity can be. The tie dye pops, we felt very cool taking it around. The only potential draw back is the that when you're pulling the last bit of fabric over the last leg it can take a bit of effort, but it needs the surface tension to work and the magnetic legs snap together so satisfyingly.

The next day was a trip to Glyder Fach and Fawr, a trip with tents and the Helinox chair up half way and then rest, chilling in the Chair One. Gorgeous scenes ensued. We ate Welsh Cakes and peanut butter and looked at the water. Then we went up Glyder Fawr is slightly suss conditions but the as we came down the fog and mist cleared and we were afforded a truly incredible view of north Wales all the way to the coast.

The Helinox set up is very aesthetically pleasing and yeah you could have it in an outside space or somewhere fun in your abode, but it's also fully functioning travel and camping equipment. We were left wishing we'd had more stuff, mroe chairs and a table. We could have had a feast or a less adventurous meal using that quite happily.