stepney workers club - dellow shoe review and some photos

A start up brand entering the footwear market with a great signature shape

Now, two things of note to start with here: 1) we're not really in the habit of doing reviews but 2) it's rare for a footwear brand to enter the market with an interesting take like Stepney Workers Club has.

I recently received a pair of the Stepney Workers Club Dellow trainer in brown suede (nom nom nom) for my birthday. They are fucking well nice. Admittedly, slight nick in the suede upper but, knowing myself and my reticence in looking after things/my inability to keep things contained in cups, mugs or on plates I wasn't that fussed.

The beauty of this trainer is not that it's a suede or canvas pump with a thick sole, it's that in the details that are different enough to mark it out – the seam tape at the back, the nice top stitch on the lace and the line that continues to the foot. The cleanliness and simplicity bleeds in to the graphics, or vice versa, that appear on the tongue sole.

Ultimately, the various components arrange themselves in a way that is greater than the sum of their parts. This seems like a simple shoe, and it is, but it goes with anything and is incredibly versatile. A shoe for every occasion and one where the understated cool will always shine through. Doesn't matter if you're Stepney Urban Farm or at Dover Street Market.

They are unisex which is great because it's environmentally friendly as production isn't set up twice and because girls sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to trainers available in their size. Unisex seems like a fairer system to me, so plus points here.