who is tackling the problem of ethics in fashion

In world that's driven by money how do we recognise patterns in our behaviour to move beyond brainless consumption.

If each era has a defining subculture then our era is coming to an end. The streetwear culture of the early 00s has turned in to the hypebeast culture of late 10s and we are headed for pastures new. People are dropping out of the queue to buy trainers and are starting to look towards newer things, newer ideas.

Of course streetwear still informs us and our new ideas – you can't build culture on nothing. The models, business or otherwise, are streetwear based. Drop drop drop. High fashion is streetwear and everyone high fashion is wearing Supreme, or pretending to be offended by it.

So now we buy things in drops but increasingly what is deemed cool has important messages: plastic is bad, recycling is good, closed loop supply chains are the ideal and polluting the ocean is most certainly not. We are entering a new vibe on our little cultural sloop, one of wellness and good meaning and psychadelics. Buy crystals and t-shirts, support a cause, don't over consume, be vegetarian. It's all moving in the right direction friends.

The idea that this will all start to actually make a difference to the world is super sweet. If we can peel ourselves away from our latest iPhone model to realise that we don't need a 10.8 inch screen or facial recognition, really, I mean really who even needs that, then we might just realise that we could be just as happy reading a book or drawing. It's a skill, applicable in the real world. The world of thunder storms, dirt and drought.

These words are a direct quote from Geoffrey B. Small, from an interview on Fucking Young. Geoffrey B. Small is the fucking man. He runs an atelier in Italy where the production is limited to a few hundred pieces per season for a extremely limited number of stores. He is founder of this mentality – a slow approach in answer to the over consumption of our times. Oddly enough, this feels very futuristic from a person that uses fabric woven by hand on 18th century looms.

I am in agreement with Geoffrey B. Small here – it's a massive shit show at the moment. These are the results of the misuse and abuse of a planet that our worthy causes are aiming to apply a salve to. Maybe the question is whether we need to tear it all up and start again. Are we in the midst of a system error? Should we turn off and on again in blind hope, or are we moving towards a revolution.

The time of slogan t-shirt is upon us. If Advisory Board Crystals can support wikipedia through a graphic longsleeve to raise money for the people's encyclopedia then we should take notice. We should do something too. If we can palate a little social reform with our capitalism without being too cynical then we just might mitigate ourselves a better deal on the planet we have. You know, get a bit more mileage out of it. If Noah can support the oceans and Yvon Chuinard can break down dams with his environmental business machine then you can do something too. Change your t-shirt, change the world. Or, you can check out the list of Geoffrey B. Small's positive links, or visit Patagonia's list of the same. Sign a petition, abstain from consuming. Make better choices and buy save your money to buy something actually good.