502 Cote et Ciel
c/o Gabrielle Rosati and Luca Notarfrancesco

Interview: Seth Footring
Images: Gabrielle Rosati and Luca Notarfrancesco

Cote et Ciel worked with Gabrielle Rosati and Luca Notarfrancesco on a film and an installation in London. The images and film from it are very cool, they’re two very cool Italian guys who are really good at what they do - photography, creative direction, film making, movement direction - and we got the chance to ask them a couple of questions and show you guys the video and some of the images from the space/event/collection. 

Interview questions: 

How did you work together?

What did you enjoy most about this project? 

Gabrielle, how did you take your work; playing with composition, materials and transparency, and apply them to the performance? 

Luca, how was the start, middle and end of the process with the movement and the direction of the video? 

Both of you, how was the space in London?

Can you tell us about the workshop?

What was it like to prepare for the event? 

Images of the pre-event workshop: