Issue 2 Postcards from Vienna
with BBUC

Photography: Arjun Sohal
Words: Seth Footring & Arjun Sohal
with thanks to: Mat Toplis, BBUC

A city with a rich history, from internationally recognised artists to the Habsburgs, laying the groundwork for the coffee culture we have today. It is impossible to imagine a Vienna without coffee shops. Despite the caffeinated heritage, the pace is slower, more relaxed and there’s a real culture for sitting outside in bars and chatting over a beer or a spritz. In many ways Vienna is good living; the food is good, rent is affordable and the city has a really cool, easy-going vibe.  

Primarily we were in town to link up with the BBUC guys, who make ironic cycling gear for people who cycle as a serious pursuit. They have high-quality casualwear too. BBUC stands for Brilliant Brilliant Unicorn. Marv, brilliant guy, wonderful moustache, who co-owns BBUC, also runs Hotel am Brilliantengrund. Vinnie is the other half of BBUC and heads up design. The hotel houses a gallery space and is the meeting point for the annual Pow Wow where people come to link up with like-minded people, ride bikes and have fun. This is what we’ve come to town for.  

Cycling can be a serious pursuit. Even for  the Sunday social riders, let alone those who take a no-days-off approach, cycling takes time and dedication. It can an entire lifestyle choice that usually involves waking up early, shaving your legs, being diet conscious to maintain race weight and look good in Lycra, as well as clocking your long-distance rides on Strava, Instagramming the journey and looking the part, none of which, to the majority of people, sounds welcoming, interesting or even fun. BBUC likes to take the piss a little bit. You know, lighten the mood. When we were in town the latest product release was the Copy Cat capsule. Cycling jerseys famously have Sky or only slightly more suspect Ineos branding all over them so BBUC decided to put their tongue in their cheek and have FredEx, Speedster and Kom des Garcons as major sponsorship partners.  

#outdoordisco sums up Marv and Vinnie’s attitude perfectly. This hashtag came about because they were on a ride having been out the night before and as the light flickered through the trees they thought it was basically the exact same environment as they were in a few hours before. Have fun, enjoy yourself, don’t take life so seriously, you know? 

The main feature of Hotel am Brilliantengrund is a large courtyard that feels at once relaxing and sophisticated. The hotel is decked out with tasteful mid-century interiors. There’s even a room entirely decked out in Artek furniture but the courtyard is where we keep coming back to –  somewhere to relax and drink an espresso, enjoy some of Marv’s mother’s finest filippino food and just hang out. It’s really beautiful. The bar is well stocked and the restaurant interior feels stylish and comforting; there’s lots of nice cushions and dark wood. The rooms are equally well appointed and carry on the theme of the hotel. There’s an interesting mix of old and new: a modern menu and amenities are tastefully mixed with original hotel fixtures like the letter-and-key bureau behind the front desk. It is, indisputably, one of the nicest places to come to.  

Vienna tips: 

So you wanna: 

Eat nice food:  

There’s a strong central European vibe with things like schnitzel, blood sausage and potatoes in abundance. There are some solid vegan/veggie options too and a strong Asian influence and you’ll be able to find a German style kebab for your late-night cravings.  

Buy some cool stuff: 

Bag brand with a beautiful store in Neubau. Also stocks A Kind Of Guise, Folk and Norse Projects and books by Gestalten. Epitome of lifestyle through a brand lens. Beautiful white store layout and plenty of great bags - especially the ones made from banana skin fabrics.  

A slightly unfortunate name in English but a great example of Vienniese design for men and women - all sampled under the store. They carry items from other brands like Soul Land. Probably pronounced Mesh-It. 

See some art:  

Museum Platz houses the Leopold Museum for the classics and Secession artists.  

You’re dying for a long black/flat white/latte: 

Vienna has a great coffee and cafe culture, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


For a month the city of Vienna puts a party on every night. This is called Impulz Tanz and is fantastic. Hosted in old beautiful buildings it’s worth planning your trip for. Otherwise head out and have a drink, take your time. There is no rush my friend.